“La Quebrada” in Acapulco

One of Guerrero’s most visited places is "La Quebrada", a rocky cliff in the port of Acapulco. This location is home of one of the most amazing diving displays you can experience: A performance often imitated in various parts of the world, but given the site’s history (being the place of origin) and the touristic appeal of the city, never surpassed.

The traditional diving act began in 1934 when part of the hill was blown up by dynamite for construction purposes and two neighbors dared each other into a courage contest. This act is striking from the beginning, as the diver starts to climb up the cliff, reaching 45 meters high. Upon reaching the top, he proceeds to a platform where the jump takes place (most divers say a prayer before jumping). The performer’s skill and timing is admirable, as the place is unsafe even for swimming, so it is more for this extreme sport.

The danger resides in the fact that the divers would find sure death if their timing and performance are not perfect, having only three seconds on the air before they reach the ocean. Additional risk is due to the shallow waters, only 4 meters deep on average, and the strong winds and surf. It should be noted that the show is not only limited to seeing a diver make the jump, stunts performed while falling are excellent, sometimes they perform dual synchronized diving.

Show time is afternoons and evenings; however, evening jumps are the most exciting. Jumps take place at 1:00, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 pm. In the day’s closing jump, the divers carry torches, turning the show into a must-see when combined with the natural darkness. Dives are held almost every day, except when the surf is extreme.

One very important thing to emphasize is that the jumps can only be carried out by professionals, not by the audience, since after a couple of accidents (more than 15 years ago) security personnel controls who can get to the cliff.

Note that this place hosted the Diving World Championship, due to site’s beauty and magnificence. Hotels and night entertainment are nearby and transportation to the area is available using buses or private vehicles. Acapulco’s residents involvement to maintain this place as one of the country’s most emblematic sites is amazing. Many attributed Swiss musician Teddy Stauffer (who first was a fan of the place and then became a tourism entrepreneur) the popularity of Acapulco, and especially of “La Quebrada”. So if you need another excuse to go visit Acapulco, this act could be that excuse! Finally, do not forget to watch the video of “La Quebrada” and the diving act in our website. I can guarantee you will be truly amazed!

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Photo: Jack Fiallos