Visiting Monterrey

Contrary to what many people might think, la Sultana del Norte is not only a warm climate, industrial and commercial city, but is one of the country´s three greatest cities and has a past rich in history (its founding dates back to 1596). Also it has become a metropolis full with places worth exploring, knowing and enjoying. The city has attractions such as:

Parks and Tours:

Within this scope, we cannot fail to mention the Macroplaza which is an area of 40 hectares that hosts many buildings and attractions. It is divided into two parts, the city is in charge of one part and the state is in charge of the other. La Fuente Neptuno (The Neptuno Fountain - see it at night), la Capilla de los Dulces Nombres, (Sweet Names Chapel) museums and many monuments are located in this place.

On the other hand, we have “Parque Fundidora” (that has a good system of signs to guide us when visiting), which can be reached through the light-rail (Metro in Spanish) and that in itself is an attraction because of the industrial technology at Parque Fundidora. However, there’s more to this: You can find extensive gardens, reflecting pools, an auditorium and a track for running or bicycling.

Another attraction is the Cerro del Obispado (The Bishopric’s Hill) where you can discover the so called “Mirador del Obispo” (Priest’s viewpoint). The view is magnificent, and you can see nearby mountains and the boundaries of the city, as well as a 50 meter monumental flag!

Shops and Shopping:

Morelos is a street with a variety of shops. Stores that sell food are highly represented. There are places that even challenge the consumer to eat large amounts of food (i.e. nachos or enchiladas) in order to win prizes!

Also in this area, there are places for buying souvenirs, as well as crafts. There we will be able to buy fireengraved wood, leather jackets, jars and vases, key chains, and delicious sweets that are typical to Monterrey. In addition, this area is venue to many street spectacles that differ in form and charm.


Monterrey´s museums and art galleries are among the best in the country. To mention some:

o El Museo de Historia Mexicana (Museum of Mexican History)-Located downtown in Dr. Coss 44 sur has 4 halls that lead us by the hand to historical events of the country. Likewise, we will find itinerant exhibitions and since we paid the entrance fee, we can visit Museo del Noreste at no extra cost.

o Museo del Noreste (Northeastern Museum): Located in a beautiful building, the six permanent exhibitions tell us about the life of the inhabitants through the years. The museum is on the street of Diego de Montemayor 510 south.

o El Museo de Vidrio (The Museum of Glass) was created in 1909: It is located at the corner of the streets of Zaragoza and Treviño. We will find this building offers an overview about the influence of glass, as well as great workshops and magnificent installations.

The list is endless:

o Museo Alfa
o Museo del Palacio de Gobierno
o Museo Regional de Monterrey (Regional Museum)
o Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (Museum of Contemporary Art)
o La casa de la cultura de Nuevo León (The House of Culture of Nuevo León)
o And many more!

Night Life:

No city is complete without it. There are many places to have fun in Monterrey: From restaurants and bars to dance clubs and discos. Attending theatres, and concerts is also recommended.

The center of these activities is the Barrio Antiguo, but there are more places in the city. However in Monterrey fiestas hardly last until dawn, since the majority of the places close between 2 and 3 in the morning.

For the Children:

If you are traveling with children some of the best places to visit are the theme parks such as Kidzania (where children get to see the management of a city and the work of many professions and skills); Bio-Parque Estrella (with more than 700 different species of animals), and amusement parks such as Plaza Sésamo (Sesame Street Park).

It would be impossible to name the thousands of activities that the capital of Nuevo León has to offer, but there are things that you must not miss such as taking pictures of “El Cerro de la Silla”, walking in the Parque Niños Héroes, or going to “Paseo Santa Lucia” (a 2.5 kilometer water canal, that is recommended for taking a boat ride or walking distance.); attending the “Casa de Los Loros” and more.

Finally if you want to travel to different spots in the city, you can use the Metrorrey, Monterrey´s subway and light rail systems which are free on Sundays. Buses travel practically through the entire city and although their prices are a little bit expensive, it is worth to pay since they have A/C.

Prices in Monterrey are a little bit higher than those of the rest of the country, however, the many attractions, the beautiful views, and in itself, the wonderful experience of being in Monterrey, is worth the price!