San Marcos Fair, Aguascalientes Mexico

Patron saint celebrations in Mexico date back to the colonial period, frequently great part of the towns’ creativity and work was dedicated to the Saint the locality is named for. Such is the case of the San Marcos Fair in the State of Aguascalientes, distinguished from many others for the degree of organization integrating multiple artistic expressions; some traditional and some added for embellishing the event and offering alternatives to the thousands of visitors each year.

The festivity grew in importance, unifying the commercial promotion of agricultural and livestock products, with the patron saint celebration. Slowly the population gave more importance to San Marcos day, programming bullfights, one of the spectacles of greatest interest in the national and international context. It has been traditionally celebrated in various places, although currently all of San Marcos unites in the festivity.

The expected bullfight gathers the most renowned figures, and those searching to win the spectator’s appreciation. There are also cock fights, mechanic rides and an important livestock exhibit.

The fair offers satisfaction for all types of tastes and at all times. You can attend cultural and artistic events during the day. During the night you can enjoy the presentation of artists of diverse genre and visiting tens of night clubs, bars and restaurants that prepare their spaces for you to experience the State’s traditional drinks and food.

Among the attractions enjoyed in 2007 are the Entertainment Fair crowned by Los Caballos Domecq in Villa Charra, the bullfight at Plaza de Toros Monumental, and the fireworks. The exhibits of wild animals, horses and agave are the most visited events. 2007 united the work of important Mexican artists as José Luis Cuevas, Francisco Toledo, Miguel Ángel Alamilla and Sergio Rosales, among others.

For the young there are options like theater and music, generally carried out in the Casa de la Cultura. Of special interest is the fair of traditions such as marionettes and the Voladores de Papantla celebrated in the Explanada of the San Marcos temple.

The 2008 Feria de San Marcos plans to have Spain as its guest country, the Fair’s Patronage has been interested in providing its millions of visitors traditional activities as well as vanguard artists and movements.

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