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Tequila Express is a train that travels through the historical area where the agave grows and is processed, bringing tequila to life. Besides illustrating the production process of the Mexican drink by excellence, this wonderful train was created with the goal of promoting cultural, gastronomical and tourist traditions of the State of Jalisco, especially mariachi and charros. Tequila Express offers tequila and beer open bar, live mariachi music, folklore dances, Mexican delicacies, culture, history and entertainment.

In July 2006, UNESCO recognized more than 35,560 hectares of the agave region in the State of Jalisco as World Heritage. This area includes the municipalities of El Arenal, Tequila and Amatitán.

The four wagons of this train have a capacity for 68 persons. Besides the comfortable facilities that include carpeting, air conditions, safety, medical assistance and bilingual attention, this is the only train in Mexico with live mariachi music.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this train receives its guests at ten in the morning with a mariachi playing live at its Guadalajara station and departs to Hacienda San Jose del Refugio, through the beautiful region of agave landscapes. During its travel to the town of Amatitán, passengers listen to the story of Mexico’s official drink.

Upon arriving at Amatitán station, buses take visitors to Hacienda San Jose del Refugio. This ancient estate is home to Tequila Herradura and dates back to the XIX century. Visitors learn about the new and old production processes of this famous Mexican drink. When arriving at the hacienda, the train passes underneath an old bridge, making the same noises of yesteryear.

This estate holds many centuries of history in each corner and garden. Its same rustic ovens are still there, where the agave juice has been extracted for centuries. Its ancient copper stills are of an outstanding beauty and were formerly heated with firewood.

This estate has been the scenario of many events in Mexico’s history. The Cristero War and many personalities of politics, religion and business have passed through here. It has also starred in films and documentaries.

At the end of this wonderful trip, Casa Herradura invites you to taste the different tequilas it produces and guests enjoy a Mexican buffet while being entertained by folklore dances, charro tricks and mariachis.

At 17:30 hrs., the satisfied guests leave this Hacienda to Amatitán train station in order to be back at the Guadalajara station by eight o’clock.


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