Terminal 2 in Mexico's City Airport

Mexico City’s International Airport is the largest in Latin America for the capacity of passengers it moves; 24,115,552 in 2005 alone, recognized in place number 45 among the most transited in the world. In 2006 it increased to 24,727,296 passengers and in 2007 it reached the amount of 25,881,622 passengers.

Terminal 2 of Mexico City’s Airport started to operate recently, on November 16 of 2007, with flights of airlines Aeromar and Delta Air Lines, with destinations to the city of Colima and Atlanta in the United States.

In January 2008 other airlines were added, including Aeromexico and its affiliates. It is expected that the terminal will operate 43.2% of all landings, leaving 56.8% to Terminal 1, representing 32 million passengers per year and a total of 320,000 flights.
In charge of this development project was Architect Francisco Serrano Cacho, who won the public bidding in September 2004. The project included footbridges, sidewalks, perimeter walls and gardens, in addition to 5 runways, 6 kilometers of fuel piping, water treatment plants, rain drainage and a drinkable water supply, finishing it in only two years record time.

With an investment of eight thousand 596 million pesos, from which three thousand 739 million went to the Terminal’s building. The Terminal responds to the insufficiency of the original facilities to cover the demand of passengers, for which the federal government planned and concluded its construction.

It has 2 air-halls that can be used simultaneously to ease the ascent and descent of approximately 500 passengers transported by the Airbus. Exit is on the top floor, while arrivals are through the first floor, thus improving the flow while satisfying international standards. Passengers have twice the operation space in relation to terminal 1, additionally obtaining services like voice, data and video transmission.

The time registered by an airplane from the moment it lands until it is in position in Terminal 1 is nine minutes and 15 minutes on average from the moment it separates from its position until it takes off. At Terminal 2 the average time is 8 minutes for landing and 5 for take-off, saving one minute and ten, respectively.

Terminal 2 is constructed over a surface of 242,496 square meters with 23 contact positions and 7 remote ones that together with those in Terminal 1 total 97 positions, 56 of contact. For moving between the two terminals it is necessary to ride the Airtrain that runs from 6 am to 10 pm with fifteen minute rides.

The Terminal was inaugurated by the Minister of Communication and Transportation, Luis Tellez, on November 15 of 2007. Its infrastructure represents the effort done by the federal government and constructors to solve the problems of such a densely populated city, obligating the redesign of its infrastructure and particularly of its communication routes.

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