Attractions of San Luis Potosí


The thunderous Micos cascades are located just 24 kilometers away from this city, and the site offers the possibility to take a ride on a boat or aim at a good catch of catfish,
carp, and acamaya. The impressive Tamul cascade is also within reach, with a great fall of 105 meters framed by plenty of green on all sides. This dramatic setting also gives a chance for rappel, rafting, and sport fishing. (photo: Nino H)

The trip is not over until visitors take a look at th e Sotan o de las Golondrinas or
"Swallow Cellar", which, with a fall of no less than 376 meters, offers a stunning
spectacle every morning at 6 AM, as thousands of colorful swallows form a spiral while exiting their night shelter.


Located in one of the highest sierras of the central plateau, this old mining town
appears to be immune to the passing of time, and it can only be reach through a long and dark tunnel. Real de Catorce is sometimes referred to as a ghost town, hardly the case as it is home to a thousand inhabitants or so, and turns into a popular tourist
destination during the end of year and Easter holidays; however, this rustic villa is in fact covered by an eerie atmosphere of quiet and tranquility.

Located rather high at 2,800 meters and surrounded by magnificent mountains where the Huicholes tribe reside, Real offers a spectacular view, crystal-clear air, and the
chance to withdraw from daily life, if only for an instant.


The central region of the state of San Luis Potosi contains the mines of the Cerro de San Pedro, the first to be discovered around the area, and in virtue of which the city of San Luis came to be. Presently, some sections of the mine are open to visitors, and the site also provides some interesting terrains for the celebration of mountain-bike

Another locality worth the visit is that of Santa Maria del Rio, with a palpable sense of folklore displayed during the celebration of every one of the regional festivities. For instance, each 15th of August, the patron saint Virgen de la Asuncion is honored; then comes the internationally acclaimed and the local source of pride Feria del Rebozo; followed by perhaps the most popular and characteristic of all events taking place on December the 12th, the Entrada de Los Pajaros or "The Entry of the Birds", where locals and those living in nearby communities meet at the Santa Maria church, everyone carrying cages filled with birds as offerings.

The central zone also contains the picturesque community of Mezquitic de Carmona, and of course the prosperous capital city of San Luis Potosi.

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