Economy of Querétaro

Manufacturing industry represents the largest economic activity in the state of Queretaro, as it contributes 30% of the state's Gross Domestic Product, and employs 23% of the economically active population, according to statistics revealed in the latest
economic census dating back to the year 2006.

According to size, the industry structure in the state is conformed by micro and small businesses at 95%, and the remaining 1% by large companies, powerful corporations which employ 39% of the labor force working in the industrial sector.

The main activity is that of the production of machinery and equipment; followed by chemical products; foods, beverages and tobacco; and paper and printing.

Despite the relative labor stability provided by industry, it requires an additional effort so it may generate more employment opportunities.

The services sector is second in terms of contribution to the state GDP with a 21%, followed closely by commerce and tourism with 20%. This latter activity has developed with a focus towards specialized tourism, cultural and ecological in particular, and for which the present administration has planned a large investment for 12 of the 18 state municipalities as of the second semester of year 2007.

In terms of agricultural production, which contributes a mere 3% to the state GDP, the countryside of Queretaro provides export-quality red tomato as well as other products like roses, grapes, dry peppers, canned nuts, grain barley, and green alfalfa.

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