Nightlife in Mérida

This is one of the most exclusive places for good drinks and dancing to the rhythm of the best world beats.
Prolongación Montejo

Like the song's title"…this place is a romantic, bohemian and warm space. Live trova music.
Calle 60 x 55 and 57, Centro

The best snacks and drinks in the city, come have fun with your friends at La Palapa. Live music.
50 diagonal No. 476 x 29 A and 31, Gonzalo Guerrero

Karaoke bar.
Paseo de Montejo x 41 y 43

Dance to the rhythm of the best salsa and merengue in Merida.
Calle 21 No.327 Segundo Piso Col. Miguel Hidalgo, Plaza las Américas

Video and sports bar.
Calle 30 No. 132-A x 11 Col. México


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