Where to Eat in Mérida

In addition to having a rich and vast Yucatan cuisine, Merida's restaurants give you the option to choose from world gastronomy, besides the traditional cochinita pibil, tamales, seafood and papadzules, you can choose among Italian, Spanish, French and Cuban fare. There is also the so called "“spiritual food"” for those whose spirit is hungry for a good dish of fresh ingredients from Yucatan and a little imagination.

Located inside Hotel Paseo de Montejo, this restaurant offers a delicious menu of French, Italian and National dishes.
Calle 56 A No. 482 x 39 Y 41, Paseo de Montejo
Phone (999) 928-03-88

Cuban cuisine.
Av. Correa Rachó No. 380 x 9 y 11 Col. Díaz Ordaz
Phone (999) 943 15 59

This self-proclaimed "“spiritual food"” will take you to heaven with a mix of fresh ingredients from the Yucatan market.
Calle 59 No. 438 x 50 y 52 Mejorada, Centro
Phone (999) 930 93 03

This Spanish restaurant doesn't close until the last customer has left.
Prolongación Montejo No. 248 x 1-D y 36 Campestre
Phone (999) 944 47 47

Spanish cuisine.
Calle 50 A No. 433 x 59, Parque de Mejorada
Phone (999) 924 00 55

International cuisine.
Calle 60 # 350 x 35 y 37 Cp. 97000
Phone (999) 925 5027

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