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The beautiful and colonial city of San Luis Potosi, capital of the state of the same name, has unique baroque constructions with a neoclassic style that make it a national treasure under the category of Historic Patrimony of Mexico since 1990. Like in every other well preserved colonial city, you'll find the traditional Plaza de Armas here, around which the main buildings are located like the Cathedral, the Palacio Municipal, and the Palacio de Gobierno. Don't forget to visit also the Temple of Carmen and the most valuable site in all San Luis, the Camarin de la Virgen, a small and beautiful chapel decorated in gold with all the walls covered; and the old church of San Francisco, one of the best representatives of the baroque style in Mexico.

The town of Santa Maria del Rio holds several religious celebrations where one can admire the depth of potosino traditions. For instance, every august 15th, the people celebrate their patron saint, the Virgen de la Asuncion; the fair of the Rebozo is also a reason to celebrate because the potosino rebozos are among the prettiest in the country. Perhaps the most original "“fiesta"” in this town is the entrance of the birds every December 12th, a national holiday for every Mexican, when people from all neighbor communities arrive to Santa Maria del Rio with their birdcages and birds to pay tribute to the Mexican Guadalupana and set the animals free inside the temple.

You can also visit some of the old mines located at Cerro de San Pedro and also participate at the biking tournaments organized there.

In the picturesque town of Mexquitic de Carmona you can take a stroll along its narrow streets and visit the Museum of Natural Sciences Jose Vilet.

The state history begins with the history of the Huasteca, pre-Hispanic tribe from the Huasteca Potosina and the place where our tour starts, along this great museum of archaeological pieces, maps, old photographs and other important paraphernalia of the state of San Luis Potosi.

Tangamanga Park is one of the greatest tourists attractive for both local and foreign visitors who enjoy outdoor activities for the whole family. Here you'll find an astronomic observatory, a couple of theaters qne the Popular Art Museum. Beat the hot summer days with a splash at Tangamanga Splash and don't forget the fun sports activities that you can practice in the several courts and tracks the park has for your amusement. At Tangamanga Park, fun, culture and sports are combined to offer you a full day of family entertainment.

The amazing creativity and great quality of Mexican artisans from ancient times is displayed in this museum, in the biggest collection ever of the world famous Mexican masks.

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