Where to Eat in San Luis Potosí

After a long day of sightseeing along the Historic Center of the city, you’ll be ready to enjoy the great variety of cuisines that the local restaurants and “fondas” have to offer. The regional cuisine is dominated by the exquisite dishes of the Huastec region where corn is the king of the ingredients. Unique are the “zacahuil”, a giant Tamale wrapped in banana leaf and cooked in a wooden oven; cecina, enchiladas potosinas, atole, colonche or prickly pear drink and many others.

Colonial “casona” where you can enjoy the tastiest regional dishes.
Avenida Carranza #700
Ph. (444) 812 1965

A local tradition in the city, especially during Sunday breakfast
Jardín Hidalgo #3 Col. San Luis Centro
Ph. (444) 812 7050

Exquisite Mexican cuisine, its menu includes some of the most valued dishes of each Mexican state.
Galeana #205 Downtown
Ph. (444) 812-8352

Regional corner where the “zacahuil”, “cecina” and prickly pear cheese are the specialties
Cuauhtemoc #232
Ph. (444) 814 6003

Mexican contemporary cuisine in a pretty terrace
Callejón de Lozada #1 Jardín Guerrero Downtown
Ph. (444) 812-4508

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