Where to Go / What to Do in Cancún


Cancun's most famous attraction is its incomparable ivory colored beaches bathed in a turquoise sea. Among the best known are: Delfines, Tortuga and Caracol. From your hotel or a public beach you will surely want to spend a good time sunbathing in this paradise, the favorite place for most visitors.


The incredible sea and exceptional flora make water sports the pastime by excellent in Cancun. You can enjoy everything from diving to water-skis and yachts.


This incredible marine park offers the most extraordinary coral reefs where thousands of tourist dive and "“snorkel"” with many species of sea animals in their natural habitat. The guides for such excursions can be easily found in Cancun and Isla Mujeres.


By having one of the best sunsets in Mexico, this lagoon feeds the sea water through the Sigfrido and Nizuc channels and is surrounded by beautiful mangroves (predominant flora in the region). It can be the ideal place for a romantic evening or, on the contrary, the ultimate scenario for the most extreme water sports.


This small but interesting museum shows everything that is relevant of the Mayan culture. This institution is open to the general public and has a library known as Cancun's Culture Center.


For this sport's lovers, this great 18 hole course designed by Robert Trent Jones II is in the center of palm trees, the Caribbean Sea and even some small Mayan ruins. It is something you shouldn't miss.


This modern shopping mall has the best stores for satisfying every shopping style.

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