Where to Eat in Cancún

Because of the great offer and variety of excellent restaurants in Cancun, the decision of where to go depends on the location and style you prefer. If you are searching for a panoramic view of the Caribbean to feel its pleasing and refreshing breeze, or if you prefer a dinner besides the Nichupte lagoon, the hotel zone is the best option. If, on the contrary, you are looking to taste a more Mexican style and ambiance, the town of Cancun is the indicated option.

We will now present a list of excellent restaurants located in both areas:

The local version of the famous Italian restaurant known for its Fettuccine Alfredo. All the exquisite Italian dishes can be accompanied by the wine you choose from the wine cellar with the season's best.
Hotel Presidente Intercontinental (Hotel Area)
Phone (998) 848 8700

It offers romantic scenery on a terrace with a view of the Caribbean and the soft sound of the live piano. Its specialty is Italian cuisine and seafood.
Hotel Westin Resort (Hotel Area)
Phone (998) 848 7400

For those who enjoy Louisiana style food and music, this restaurant with many levels and view of a waterfall is the best option.
Hotel Hyatt Cancún Caribe Resort (Hotel Area)
Phone (998) 848 7800

A replica of a XVII century Mexican estate, complemented with hand painted floors, gracious arches and excellent mariachi, this is the ideal place for tasting the best regional dishes.
Hotel NH Cristal (Hotel Area)
Tel. (998) 848 9800

An elegant English club offering a great variety of tropical cocktails and a view of the sunset over the lagoon, accompanied by jazz music.
Hotel Ritz-Carlton (Hotel Area)
Phone (449) 978 1090

It offers Thai and Japanese food. The excellent flavor and service guarantee an unforgettable night.
CasaMagna Marriot Resort (Hotel Area)
Phone (998) 881 2000

It is an ample restaurant with little decoration in a cafeteria style offering the best of Yucatan cuisine, accompanying its clients with a trio of singers for enlivening the evening.
Calz. Tulum #1 y #2 (town)
Phone (998) 887 1332

An excellent alternative for combining authentic local cuisine with creative international creations and finishing off with a selection of coffee with liquor, it is sure to rise the temperature.
Calz. Margaritas #25 (pueblo)
Phone. (998) 884 3158

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