Where to Stay inSantiago de Querétaro

The tourist vocation of the city is reflected in the great tourist infrastructure which currently has hotels of great tourism and five star categories which offer the best services for the most demanding guest. Also, the city offers a wide variety of economical hotels with excellent service and location to satisfy the needs of each visitor.

Special Category
Colonial hotel located in an antique hacienda. Excellent quality in service.
Andrés Balvanera # 4, Centro Histórico
Phone (442) 224-1985

Great Tourism
One of the best hotels in the city, its sophisticated decoration makes it one of the best places to enjoy the history of Queretaro. It has 25 suites.
Madero #41, Centro Histórico
Phone (442) 12-0092

5 Stars
Great hotel with 160 guestrooms.
Av. 5 de febrero #28, Col. Virreyes
Phone (442) 15-1703

4 estrellas
Corregidora Sur #188, Col. Centro
Phone (442) 12-8555

4 Stars
Constituyentes Pte. #69 Col. Casa Blanca
Phone (442) 16-0543

4 Stars
Av. Constituyentes Ote. 2, Col. Centro
Phone (442) 14-3585

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