Where to Eat in León

In León, local cuisine is distinguished for the prominence of meat in the form of pork, pork rinds, birria and the spectacular red mole, a star in the city’s great social celebrations. However, the economic and cultural development of León requires a vast and varied gastronomy for which you will find, in addition to the establishments of delicious regional and Mexican cuisine, restaurants of Italian, Argentinean, Spanish and Brazilian specialties.

Mexican cuisine
Mariano Escobedo 4302, San Isidro
Phone (477) 711 6805

Meat and regional dishes
Blvd. Hidalgo 109
Phone (477) 714 7812

Traditional Brazilian churrasco
Prol. Calz. 2107 La Martinico
Phone (477) 773 2414

Argentinean specialties
Prol. Calza. Esquina con Pampas
Phone (477) 713 2645

Italian gastronomy
Blvd Campestre 3001 Jardines del Moral
Phone (477) 773 2247

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