Where to Stay inTorreón

In Torreón you don't have to worry about lodging, because this dynamic industrial city offers a great range of first-quality national and international hotel franchises, where service and customer care are priority within a modern infrastructure of services for travelers.

5 stars
Luxury and comfort in a contemporary Mexican style, located in the industrial and financial district of the city.
Blvd. Independencia No. 3510 Oriente Col. Residencial El Fresno
Phone (871) 759 1600

5 stars
Located in the city's center, Marriot Torreón offers the largest convention center in the city.
Blvd. Independencia 100 Poniente, Zona Centro
Toll free 01 800 800 1700

5 stars
Free breakfast buffet and local phone calls, it also offers modern services like wireless internet, business center, and 24 hour medical attention, among others.
Blvd. Independencia 3851 Oriente Col. El Fresno
Phone (871) 750-9888
National Toll Free: 01 (800) 7FRESNO or 01 (800) 737 3766)

4 stars
International franchise of "“Express"” hotels, it has modern services for business travelers.
Blvd. Independencia 1133 Oriente Col. Granjas San Isidro.
Phone (871) 729 6000
Toll free 01 800 00 99900

4 stars
Paseo de la Rosita #910 Sur Col. Campestre La Rosita
Phone (871) 729 4300
Toll free 01 800 504 50000

4 stars
Periférico Raúl López Sánchez 10995
Phone (871) 705 1550
Toll free: 01 800 759 2727

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