Nightlife in Torreón

Popular option among people over 30 where you can enjoy good drinks and conversations.
Blvd. Independencia #694 Oriente

Electronic music in one of Torreón’s best ambiances.
Blvd. Independencia #3825

Hundreds gather each night to dance and have fun in one of the most popular dance clubs among university students.
Blvd. Independencia #310

Famous melodies from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s for all of those who want to relive those “good times”.
Blvd. Independencia

Contagious Caribbean and Latin rhythms with a mix of the best electronic beats, at Mambo Café music and technology come together for creating one of the city’s “hottest” nights.
Blvd. Rodríguez Triana #355 Col. Exhacienda La Merced

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