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Hosted within the historical building of former Casino de la Laguna and holding an art collection formed throughout a whole century, it exhibits paintings, sculptures, photographs, religious objects, decorative art, furniture, silver, books, textiles, ivory and porcelain items that once belonged to Belausteguigoitia family.

It also proudly holds exhibits on the history and traditions of La Laguna, as well as excellent temporary shows. Within this museum, visitors can appreciate works in diverse styles and schools of young Mexican and foreign artists who live in our country.


The Mexican Revolution was one of the most important events in the process that formed this city; therefore, its knowledge on this historical episode is vast.

This museum is distinguished for exhibiting the weapons and accessories used during the Revolution's era, including images and photographs of the Northern Division and its General, mythical Pancho Villa. The museum artfully illustrates the importance of Torreón during the Mexican Civil War.


This museum's goal is approaching people to the region's natural history through 4 halls exhibiting ceramics, "“nasas"” (fishing baskets that lent their name to the river that made this region flourish), arrowheads, ornamental remains, outfits and other objects of great interest, as well as a vast documental view of the historical-cultural heritage of this and other Mexican regions.

It also includes two temporary halls that hold itinerant art exhibits from other museums in the country and the world; granting the laguneros an opportunity to come in contact with universal and contemporary art.


Modern sports and entertainment complex and home of the local soccer team "“Santos Laguna"”, this stadium is considered one of the most modern in Latin America. Its powerful fan base turns each game into unforgettable excitement.

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